What about men? What do they have to say. No no.. not about the video but about themselves. Do they have a voice too? And I m talking about regular stuff, mundane stuff.
We have grown up watching movies and people all around us putting men up on a pedestal. And it starts young too. How many times have you heard someone say, in reel or real, “Mera aadarsh beta.. bada hokar afsar banega” (my ideal son will become a big man one day), “mera pati parmeshwar” (my husband is god-like), “My brother will protect me”, “my boyfriend will pay for this”.. guys, do you really like to hear all this? Is it not tiring to be treated like a demi-God? Being a Thor without his hammer or Xerxes for that matter?  To grow up with a whole load of pressure?

Why can’t we cut them some slack and understand that they are normal people, who can have an off day (week or month for that matter)? It is much kinder to treat them as normal average Joe really.

This is for all the guys out there.

It’s okay if you want to study literature and don’t aspire to be an engineer. It’s okay.
It’s okay if you don’t shave everyday. It’s your body, let your look stay. It’s okay.
It’s okay if your hair are too short, too long or you choose to go bald. Your crop , your call. It’s okay.
It’s okay if you think body art and piercing you have, looks cool. Your domain, your rule. It’s okay.
It’s okay if you want to watch sports, not shows. Your time, your eyes. Don’t let others impose. It’s okay.
It’s okay if you don’t want to go shopping, till you don’t drag her club hopping. Its okay.
It’s okay if the lady drives once in a while and you rest your eyes awhile. Its okay.
It’s okay if your wife and mom don’t get along. Don’t need to pick sides, you aren’t a tennis ball.It’s okay.
It’s okay if your wardrobe is a mess. Your clothes, your space. Up to you, if you wish to address. It’s okay.
It’s okay when you cry at movies. You are a man, not a machine. It’s okay.
It’s okay if at times your girlfriend pays the restaurant bills. You are both equals. It’s okay.
It’s okay when you come back home after a 16 hour long shift and just want to unwind. Everyone gets tired, everyone needs some time. It’s okay.

You are a person above and before anything and that means you are allowed to have your own flaws and views. You need not subscribe to the world’s views that issues warrants that defines “duties of a man”, nor do you have to “man-up” for everything and everyone around you . Just be human. That’s good enough!