What if we weren’t born as an Indian or an American,
But only as human?
What if we had no concept of black and white,
But only talked about each other’s right?
What if only love, anger, jealousy, and sadness were given color;
Not to people to make them feel smaller?
What if instead of seeing skin color, hair color, and nose shape,
We only saw the expressions in the eyes, the smile on the lips and not bother where they belonged to on a map?

What if there were no nations and no monarchy,
But only endless land that belonged to us all for free?
What if there were no power, no rank,
no dollar and no franc?
What if the history had only love stories and stories of humanity;
not of war, bloodshed, epidemics and scarcity?
What if we were ashamed of the wars,
instead of being taught to be proud of our nation’s corps?

What if women were loved and not treated as objects to rape?
What if children were treated as flowers and their schools weren’t gunned down by religious hate?
What if we all lived like a big community family,
Danced in the weddings together and took care of the elderly?
What if our life wasn’t compartmentalized and we weren’t expected to reach milestones based on our age?
What if we all spoke same language, and there was no concept of race?
What if we raised our young to spread love and be humane,
Instead of working on them like a campaign?
What if we didn’t have to teach our kids to be careful of strangers;
Instead, we taught them to trust, for people pose no danger?

What if children weren’t brought up as girl or boy, but only as a child?
What if we didn’t care about what marks he/she got, but only cared if he/she smiled?
What if growing or not growing hair wasn’t based on child’s sex,
But on their personal interest?
What if the world was safe for a child to go out to play in a park without supervision?
Is this too hard to envision?

What if we believed that earth belonged to animals and trees,
As it belonged to thee?
What if we still lived off the trees,
And spent the day gathering berries?
What if we gave back to the nature as much as we took from it?
What if we killed another person and then wore his skin? Sounds horrible?
Then why do we still wear fur and leather?

What if there were no gadgets, we worked with our hands,
And allowed children to play outside in the sand?
What if the fission and fusion never came to be known,
And bombs never made and never grown?
What if we ate our food hot and streaming,
Instead of clicking it and twittering?
What if people displayed love by gazing in to each other’s eyes,
Instead of showing by liking their Facebook profiles?
What if instead of watching baby videos on YouTube,
we saw them perform live within your drawing room?
What if couples actually talked to each other instead of watching TV?
What if the world moved slower so we could together enjoy a cup of morning tea?

We did all this, but we called it the stone age or the backward stage of mankind? I don’t see how is it backward. I don’t see how what we all do is ‘advancement’. I can see humanity’s downfall every time there is a child molested, a woman raped, schools gunned, innocent towns and cities bombed. Is this really advancement? Ask yourself.