It is raining here. It is still raining. Despite it being August, when monsoon ceases to exist in India, it is raining, though sporadically. It caught us off guard too, literally! We live in army cantonment that has lot of green coverage and lots of peacocks, none of which bothered to announce the arrival of rains like they are supposed to. Maybe they are off-duty. Oh well!

The trees, leaves, grass, windows, cars everything is washed clean. The green is greener, and the dirt is murkier. The greens aren’t your average green either; there’s a whole assortment of green to look at : forest green, lime green, avocado green, dark green, light green and so on. But instead of making a list of shades of green, I just stood watching the water fall and slip on the glassy glass of the windows of my house, form little pearls of water droplets on the clothesline and on big waxy heart-shaped leaves of a plant. I saw water collect itself as if scheming and then scamming us, to form small puddles that become mirrors of the reflected world in the unleveled uneven manmade floors or natural depressions on the contours of earth. I think I understood. Maybe it is raining inside my head too. For sometime, I haven’t been able to gather my thoughts. “The rain” keeps washing them away, washing them clean. The spark is there but it fails it ignite. It’s similar to how you try to start a car that gives out that irritating unyielding “grrrrrr”, as if angry, but doesn’t budge.

I don’t know if this needs a fix, like the car; or should I simply wait for the rains to go away. For all I know, the brain-rain, that’s what I call it now, isn’t seasonal. I sure hope it is, though. If it isn’t seasonal then what can be a possible fix for this washed out brain? Bloggers and writers, do you have an answer, perhaps a solution?

Since I couldn’t find any cure, I thought to just give in to the brain-rain. So, I went out and clicked some rain-stamped pics with my reliable iPhone that got wet in the process. All’s well though, with the phone I mean.

Impressions of the pittering-pattering rain
Impressions of the pittering-pattering rain

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