I had an early train to catch the other day. I got up really early to, well, catch it. While the drive to the train station was short, but it was full, full of melody of the silence that had impregnated the environ.

The absence of all man made sounds, mostly noises, was pleasant to the ears. I could feel the earth breathe! There was peace, in that silence.

The roads were clear, there were no cars other than ours, no incessant honking and crying (bawling in heavier traffic) of automobiles, and no constant humming and buzzing of humans. The only trace of humanity, ignoring the paved roads, pavements and dividers, was in the bright lights, that were brighter and more in number because of a festival. While we drove under the lights that lined and covered the roads, it was almost magical. They say “there’s magic in life”, and I agree, now.

I wish I could go back and capture the sound of the silence for you all. I wish I could share the beauty if not the experience. All I could, though, was to capture a picture of the kinder-station. This is how it was before mass influx of people hit it in the face.

© Shivani K | forewordMarch

© Shivani K | forewordMarch

It was therapeutic! Can you feel it?

The beauty exited when the humans arrived, with their clacking heels,their buzzing voices, odd raucous laughter. Even the birds left, as if on cue. Soon, my train arrived thundering and rumbling deep from its belly, as if bearing the sign “The End” of this short play. The musical silence had long gone, the peace left too. The magic sure did.

While the people settled in, some trying to sleep, some snoring in deep slumber, and few busy with their phones, I sat wondering and looking at the moving slanted video of the fields, houses, huts, adobes and the stations made by the playful lights on the nearby empty bunk. The slight opening in the curtain showed me the madly racing fields, canals and the dark blue of the sleeping sky; everything looked like an image whose colors got inverted.

The sky got progressively lighter, the Sun woke it up and then, there was that familiar beauty all over again!

Tiny station witnessing waking up Sun
Tiny station witnessing waking up Sun

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