Blogs are words. Words convey feelings, emotions and thoughts. I have used this platform for just that. Past few months, officially 4 months, I have been publishing stories and everyday learnings on weekly or bi-weekly basis. I have only amassed a small set of “Follows” from fellow bloggers. It used to sometimes baffle me, sometimes upset me and sometimes even rattle me not knowing why is the number so less; seeing that the average graph is so much steeper for others.

The obvious answer was- my work is not good enough or only people from a certain part of world could relate to it.

But, India, where my stories and I come from, is a land that houses billions. Out of these, millions must be internet-literate and of those, at least, hundreds of thousands must be on social network and blog-world. Why then, my blog stats look so abysmal?

I have had my moments of non-writing but that emanated from internal conflicts, not from these statistics. Still, the fact remained that the stats were (are) dismal and there was a serious need of taking a hard look.

I had been doing that when I luckily came across a wonderful new page ‘David Snape and Friends‘. I loved one of the stories and commented as I almost always do, and liking what I read, I clicked on ‘Follow’. Few days after, I saw an email waiting for me (the power of Follow) from ‘David Snape and Friends’, asking fellow bloggers to submit their stories for guest writers that would be featured on his page. I shyly and gingerly submitted two, never admitting to self that they will be displayed anywhere other than on my page. Lo and behold! Not only David reblogged one of the two stories (my favorite Dal like Dida’s) but also another one of my blogs.

The little push that I got from him brought me many eyes and Likes  (and an improved number of Follows), and more importantly more friends! Thank you David for giving me that chance and for reviving my faith in my work! Thank you for giving my story a chance, for letting the wider world know about Dida!

But, I realized that the stats after all are just numbers, dry and emotionless. The high I felt was when I heard from fellow bloggers – when they wrote to me, when they liked and loved Dida the way I do, the way they connected.

I connected to so many bloggers through this one post. I read their stories and got emotional, and inspired. Special mention of blkkat49, whose post on her friend Michael inspired me to no end and threekidsandi, whose struggles were so real that they were almost tangible, so much so that it made mine look laughingly simple. I wish them both strength and power!

THIS is the real blogging experience that I had been missing. To share and know each other, to find friends and connect through the commonality of life is what is the essence of blogging!

Cheers to the new friends! Keep writing you all, because you have a friend waiting to hear from you and hopefully be there for you in your journey!