Sometimes you make mistakes. Let me correct that- everyone makes mistakes and the mistakes are more often than we would like.

It is starkingly blatant in writing. An occasional Like on one of my older blogs leads me to revisit and re-read the respective blog; this time, from eyes of a third person.
The nostalgia sets in. I try and remember the phase in which the particular blog was written. I see the reflection of the books that I was reading at the time of drafting those particular stories. Something else too happens- I instantly spot mistakes. Oh so many mistakes! How dreadful it feels. Earlier, I used to get conscious and hurry to correct the embarrassment; now, I let it be.

The mistakes are like the twists that sometimes life throws at you, completely unplanned. They are those things that just happen, sometimes when you were aware but decided to go with the flow, and sometimes when you were unguarded and realized after it was too late.

But, these mistakes give these stories a different color; it gives them a life of their own. It makes me wonder how would a neutral reader read it? What would it mean to someone on the other end of this web? Out of all those people who read that piece, who all would read it and infer what I implied? After all, it’s our own state of mind, imagination, and maturity that breathes life into the words. The picture is painted by the brain of the reader, isn’t it?

I suppose it is true for life too. Our mistakes, the way we see it, might actually appear to be one of our best decisions to others. It might actually grow into something that wasn’t planned but turned out much better than what we could have conceived. Its definitely a better way to look at one’s own past; from the eyes of a spectator, an audience of our own life. Let’s try.

Don’t shy from making mistakes. Mistakes aren’t always the devil.