We need to be reminded of this, frequently. To all you gorgeous women- love thyself!


Do you think you are beautiful?
Do you feel comfortable in your skin?

Do you feel that those hair care commercials, beauty brands etc talk to you in particular, when they tell you how you can be a better (read prettier) version of yourself?

Look in the mirror today and tell yourself what you really think and feel of your body. What do you see? A pretty woman or someone who needs improvement?

Being beautiful is feeling beautiful. The world will always tell you that you are two sizes too big or a size too small, that your hair are nice but too sparse, that your skin is unblemished but the color is not at par, that you might be fair but you have an ugly scar. You will probably be compared to others, put down, and told how to look like someone else. Why though? Why would anyone want…

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