He : Ahem. Hello?

The Voice : Yes, I see you have arrived.

He : Arrived? Oh you are mistaken. I think I am at the wrong place. I do not recognize this place and I don’t remember setting out for here.

Can you tell me where am I and the way to go back?

The Voice : Calm down son. I understand your confusion. The questions are always the same, but so is the answer. You, my son, have ARRIVED.

I hope you had a good vacation. Now that you are back, let’s get to some work. Shall we?

He : (trembling a little) I am sorry but I do not understand you. You say that I have “arrived”, but where? You said that ‘I am back’ but, I have never been here. You must be mistaken. I am not the person  you were waiting for.

The Voice : I am never mistaken. You do not belong to the place you come from; the place called ‘Earth’. It is a short vacation that everyone gets to go to once they complete 1000 years here. Your journey on Earth is similar to what earthlings call ‘vacation’.

You would not recognize anyone here who came back from Earth, for they are faceless, just like you are.

(At this point the listener tried to move around to feel himself, but he couldn’t do so. He couldn’t see himself either, not because of absence of reflective surface but because his limbs didn’t guide him at all.)

The Voice continued-

Earth was made as a break from this neverland, but even there people couldn’t stay happy. They talk of struggle when it’s they themselves who created it. I tried to create an ideal world. There was everything of need provided to the vacationers. If only they knew how and how much to use. If only they learnt how to peacefully coexist. If only they knew that happiness is a state of mind, that they can’t be happy until they want to be happy. If only they knew that it’s up to people to make their vacation heaven or hell.

Hope you used your time well.

(The Voice faded away.)

© Shivani | forewordMarch