Today is Dussehra, also known as Vijay Dashami, a Hindu festival that marks the win of good over evil. Lord Ram, seventh incarnation of Lord Vishnu, decapitates the demon king Ravana, who had spread a reign of terror and had captured Lord Ram’s wife, Goddess Sita. Ravana, with his 10 heads, was blessed by Lord Shiva, for his devotion, that made him invincible.

Lord Ram steps in not only to rescue goddess Sita, but also to help those who were terrorized by Ravana and end his egomaniacal reign; a mission, in which he was assisted by Ravana’s own brother amongst others.

The holy day is celebrated in India by burning the effigies of Ravana, Kumbhkarana and Meghananda, signifying the victory in the war against evil.

While we celebrate the festival every year, how many of us take in the metaphorical teachings that it embodies?

There is a Ravana in today’s world, very much alive, in and around us. The ten evil sins resides in us all, that of – lust, sloth, gluttony, anger, ego, adultery, deceit, arrogance, pride, wrath.
Do you recognize them? Do you notice them peeking out every once in a while? Would you purge them? Would the good win over evil?

Let’s try and kill one ugly head at a time. Ready to cleanse yourself from the sins? Let’s begin.

© Shivani | forewordMarch