I always thought that life of a celebrity must be difficult; no privacy, always camera-ready, always appear pleasant, cannot go out in public as and when heart desires, anyone and anybody can write anything about them and then they have to go in PR mode.

An acquaintance and I were discussing celebrities, sharing who had spotted whom and when. He shared his experience of a known and popular festival in Maharashtra (India). There was a lane kept for VIPs and two other for general public. He and his friends were standing in the regular people’s lane almost in the front of the stage where the idol of Ganesh ji was set. A young movie star made a rapid appearance from his rapid VIP lane, and the (women) shopkeepers went berserk. They leaped on to the stage, from either sides, to take a look, possibly get an autograph or a picture. My acquaintance told them that it was a day for Ganesh bhagwan and not the movie star, to which they replied, “bhagwan to har saal aate hain, film star Nahi aate” (God makes an appearance every year, film stars don’t).

I was frankly shocked and a little amused at hearing that remark. God had become a common feature. The festival and his presence was no different from the usual, for those people.

The conversation drifted back to celebrities and I made the general observation written above, about difficulties of being a celebrity. How they can’t even visit a place of worship without getting mobbed.
To that my acquaintance said, “Isn’t that true for us too? We also try and maintain composure within our little world; we too keep a face. You and I both stay away from our families. We, regular people, too stay away from our families, sometimes for longer, because of work. We too travel a lot. Anyone can now write and share anything about us on social platform. Facebook has given us a page where people follow us and check about us and write about us. Our life is also like theirs, maybe not at that scale, but it is.”

Not only was it true, but also sublime. Aren’t we all mini celebrities?
Such a beautiful potent thought. Such a powerful mantra if read the right way. When you feel people are talking about you or behind your back, just think that “YOU are a celebrity.”
Chin up, flash that smile. Bring up that confidence. The world is your oyster. You are awesome!

You are a celebrity!