This year, Diwali is silent. I know it’s a festival and not a person, but it takes an omnipresent form before and long after the actual day in India; it becomes a being.

Diwali has been silent this year, like I said. My last year’s whatsapp status read “Diwali in the air”. This year it’s more generic. There’s less noise and sound, and far less fireworks’ sights in the air; but, I am not complaining. I would have been happier though, if it were for the reasons I want it to be, which is, reduce pollution and celebrate it by lighting up someone’s life!

The reason here is another and political in nature and this blog isn’t about that.

When we celebrate a festival, what exactly do we celebrate? For kids, it’s usually new clothes, toys, gifts and sweets. For adults, it’s mostly about socializing and partying late with permission. How many of us celebrate the ethos of these festivals? Every festival, belonging to no matter which religion and region, teaches us something. There’s usually a backstory and usually a victory or achievement of something or something that’s good, true and honest. We celebrate those virtues. Aren’t we supposed to practice those virtues as well?

I know, Diwali is about worshiping goddess Lakshmi, goddess of wealth and prosperity, and from what I know, nobody misses that. Everyone earnestly prays to her, and that’s not restricted to this one day. We ask her to come and visit our home. We ask her to keep us in good state.

Do you not think that everyone has that power to do that for another person?

How earnestly do we try and be that person who helps bringing in joy in another’s life? It can be a simple action of donating warm clothes to downtrodden for the colder months that follow or buying, without heckling and bargaining, directly from artisans. Give a day off to your employees, and go and celebrate this festival with them. Leave your phones aside and sit together and spend some quality time!!

Please, this Diwali, light up someone’s life. Do something good and worthwhile! Be someone’s goddess Lakshmi  and Lord Ganesh.

Happy Diwali!!


© Shivani | forewordMarch