Diwali went, taking with it lights, camera, action.

When Diwali, or any big celebratory occasion goes, it leaves behind a trail; a trail of dirty dishes, wanting to be cleaned. The barrage of people coming over to meet you is good fun, if you are those socializing kinds, but every guest adds to the number of glasses, cups, bowls waiting in-line in (and around) the wash basin. In India, dishwasher is still not very common. It definitely doesn’t feature in my household but I have a better solution. A human solution at that, which is quite common and has been so, since times immemorial. My loyal maid Neelam (means blue sapphire) comes to clean the utensils, amongst other things, and she can beat any dishwasher in the world!

She came on time today, unexpectedly. I had mentally given her a leeway in light of it being the grand festival of India a  day before; she would naturally have had her own house to look after. But, she came smiling, on time, looking radiant in her bright orange-pink attire, kohl lined eyes with big jhumkas adorning her ears and that familiar wide smile.

I wished her a happy New year (the day following Diwali is a new year for Hindus) and enquired about her Diwali celebrations.

After a bit of chit-chat, I went with her to the kitchen and guiltily looked at the dishes, that now covered the entire length of the counter, and apologetically said that there were too many dishes and lot of work for her. She laughed at it and said “Koi Nahi madam. To Kya Hua? Kaam Se Nahi darna chahiye. Sab ho jayega” (no problem madam. So what? One shouldn’t be afraid of work. Everything will sort out.)

I was left amazed. This woman amazes me with the golden globules of knowledge she sprinkles time to time!

Why are we so scared of mound of pain, mound of problems that come our way? Little by little it will sort out. One step at a time and you will wade through. Keep patience. Have faith in yourself and you will get it all done. Don’t be scared. Like she said- Sab ho jayega 🙂

Diwali went and left behind a trail; a trail of lessons.

Happy New Year!!

© Shivani | forewordMarch