People change. Yes, I know it’s unwelcome but how do you put anything that’s as volatile as a human being is, in an unchdnging immovable cast?

People change and sometimes you may like it but most of the times you just won’t. And what do you do? Would you match their step? Well, then you would change, and not naturally but forcibly; and if everyone were to do that, won’t that initiate a domino effect? So that can’t be an answer to handle it. Then what is?

There is no answer.

People change but that’s okay. You accept it and continue living because you don’t depend on anyone but yourself. You live EXACTLY how you used to because nobody defines who you are and how you should be. Keep that head high and walk on.

Those who wish to walk alongside you, would, no matter what! Those who don’t want to, wouldn’t wait for a drastic event or a change to leave you. They would leave and that’s okay too.

Smile and accept the world my friend. Smile !