From an eternal optimist to a cynic, I have been grappling with accepting those age old epiphanies, such as “Everything happens for the best”, “The best is yet to come”.

Tell me if that’s true and who gets to judge if this time is really better than the one before and if it will get better? How will it be better because our priorities keep changing along with our perceptions. So what’s important and essential today may hold no significance tomorrow. What I yearn for today, I may not even realize its presence tomorrow provided I get/achieve it. By then I might have moved on to yearn for something else in a never ending cycle. 

So who and how does one decide what’s “best”?

Isn’t it simply a state of mind? So I condition myself into believing that this time, right now, is the best and that I should make the most of it because the future is yet to be seen and experienced.
Aah… Another epiphany..