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February 2017

Lauren Eden’s

The worst 


isn’t losing 


It is love 

losing you. 
~ Lauren Eden (of yesteryear) 


Remember :

Those who swear that they cannot imagine a life without you will after a year be telling you how having you in their life is the source of their unhappiness. 

That’s how everyone is,  without exception.  Nothing you can do about it except choosing to be with someone who wants you to be part of their journey,  no matter the hardships. Someone who would rather have you when they are low than to distance themselves by calling you the reason of their pain. 

We are all macerating in a pool of our lost memories and unfinished desires,  slowly wilting away,  one breath at a time. 

Soon,  we will be nothing but a mush of our own thoughts, unrequited or unfinished. 

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