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Nothing like an artist 

We have all heard of tragedies that gave birth to writers, musicians and artists..

But do you know, tragedies can also rip off the art from an artist, leaving him stripped, strained and drained of any emotion, turning him into something less than a human and nothing like an artist? 



What if heartbreak had a sound? 

The world would be a noisy place. 

It’s just you

In the end you will find yourself standing alone while the universe will witness, silently encouraging you. And you will go on. 

(image taken from Google) 

The drop

You took me up to the moon

Only to drop me from the skies

And I am still falling 

Along with the raindrops of my tears

Waiting for the final thud. 

Keep Traveling

Lauren Eden’s

The worst 


isn’t losing 


It is love 

losing you. 
~ Lauren Eden (of yesteryear) 

Are you dead?

You aren’t dead when you stop breathing..

It’s when you no longer have a home in someone’s heart.

Do you think there’s someone, anyone, who keeps you safe within their heart and think of you and pray for you in their every living moment?

 If yes, then, my friend, you are ALIVE !

Pin it

Don’t pin your happiness on anyone but yourself. 

If you can’t keep yourself happy, how can anyone else? 

Let it glow

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